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How to save green tea?


The amino acid substances contained in Green Tea, as well as vitamins, can play a very good role in reducing fat and losing weight. Drinking green tea after a meal can play a very good function of moisturizing the intestines and promote digestion and digestion. For people who lose weight and those who are eating food, green tea is a good after-dinner drink!

Green tea can help people fight aging, inhibit disease, reduce fat, etc. What are the taboos for saving green tea?The purpose of tea storage is to maintain the freshness of the tea and prevent the quality from declining.

1. Avoid sunshine: Sunlight will promote the oxidation of green tea leaf pigments and esters, and can decompose chlorophyll into pheophytin. Green tea leaves are stored in glass containers or transparent plastic bags. After being exposed to sunlight, the internal substances of the green tea will undergo a chemical reaction, which will degrade the quality of green tea leaves.

2, avoid moisture: green tea is a porous porous hydrophilic material, so it has a strong moisture absorption and moisture. When storing green tea, a relative humidity of 60% is appropriate. Over 70% of the green tea will cause moldy spots due to moisture absorption and acidification and deterioration.

3, avoid high temperature: the best preservation temperature of green tea leaves is 0-5 °C. Excessive temperature The amino acids, sugars, vitamins, and aromatic substances in the tea leaves will be decomposed and destroyed, reducing the quality, aroma, and taste.

4, avoid oxygen: green tea leaves in the chlorophyll, aldehydes, esters, vitamin C, etc. easy to combine with the oxygen in the air, the oxidation of green tea leaves green tea tea soup will become red, darker, so that the nutritional value is greatly reduced.

5, bogey odor: green tea leaves contain polymer palm enzymes and rare earthworm compounds. This kind of material is very unstable and can absorb odors widely. Therefore, when the tea leaves and odor-absorbed articles are mixed and stored, they will absorb odors and cannot be removed.


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